Casting project

I want to create a series of human figure sculptures made out of organic material.

This will be a series of experiments on a replica of my own human body. With a life size cast of my body ,The body will be repeatedly reproduced but each time from different organic matter. Earth, fertilizer, fruit, meat, and some sculptures will contain seeds from plants and flowers and mushroom spores. So some sculptures will be going through a proges of decay while others will show a process of growth. Eventually the process will be in reverse; the growing sculpture will reach a point of decay while the rotting sculptures will create new lives like mold and insects.

My interest in this extraordinary process is that these materials are  familiar to our daily life but each of them contain a hidden beauty. To study the process I have to get closer to the materials so I can  document the process to create moments of surprise in the life cycle and destruction from organic matter.

Right arm - White bread 9 days of Decay

Right arm + Microscope

Microscopic image of fungus

White bread head - 3 days of Decay

White bread - left foot - 6 days of Decay