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Full body MRI scan - self-portrait


Full Body MRI Scan - Self Portrait - 

125 images printed on glass, size 30 x 40 cm 

1 image printed on glass , size 132 x 170 cm

Artist in residence project at Verbeke Foundation

Showed at Verbeke Foundation Belgium From 23-11-2014 / 30-04-2015

Air pressure ping pong ball machine

Air pressure ping pong ball machine

Ping pong balls run's true the tubes like blood cells run's true the human body.

location Derde wal Nijmegen




Wood, rope, rubber, leather 

1020 cm x 432cm x 825 cm


This installation was created during my time as an artist in residence at the Verbeke Foundation in Belgium. This piece symbolizes my feelings of craving flight and freedom from the physical and metaphorical weight of my own body. The resulting experience is 3.8 seconds of pure happiness.

Showed at Verbeke Foundation BE 2013

Waterpomp installation

Interactive waterpomp installation

made for event De Kaaij summer festival Nijmegen.


Guitar solo
Speeltuin installatie

Geluid installatie voor speeltuin Ewijk De bas 6644AV

Gitaar druppel

Gitaar druppel - 2018

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